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Hệ thống  PRO10HD (Highest resolution 360 video) (12,000 x 6,000)

Hệ thống PRO10HD (Highest resolution 360 video) (12,000 x 6,000)

Pro10HD virtual reality 360° video gear with 3/8" mount

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The Pro10HD is a professional tool for filming high resolution 360° virtual reality video content. Positioning GoPro™ cameras in a spherical orientation, the Pro10HD 360 Plug-n-Play™ Holder captures 360 x 180 degree videos and photos at resolutions as high as 12,000 x 6,000 pixels. The Pro10HD presents itself as our highest resolution model and is ideal for creating content for planetarium domes, dome theaters and large-scale displays. Content filmed with this model can also be experienced with the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard and the industry’s other leading virtual reality head mounted displays.

The close proximity of each camera in the Pro10HD configuration offers a high level of frame overlap for each camera’s FOV (field of view). This means objects and subject matter can be very close (3-4 feet) to the unit while filming in comparison to other models without creating distortion and parallax issues during the stitching process. All 10 cameras are oriented vertically using either 1080, 2.7K or 4K formats to create a tightly stitched HD full spherical image with NO nadir's on top and bottom. This image can be used in the most demanding display environments with stunning results. The close proximity of each camera also allows for objects to get very close to the camera head without distortion.

Includes: Pro10 360 Plug-N-Plug Holder™, 3/8" chrome mounting accessory, Small Screw Driver, Sound Clicker for Audio Sync

Pro10HD Sample 360 Video Footage:

(Kit does not include GoPro Cameras, or the GoPro accessories)

Key Features
- Mounts 10 cameras in a spherical orientation to facilitate capturing 360 x 180 degree videos and photos.*
- Patent-pending 360 Plug-N-Play™ design for simple camera installation and removal on set.
- Compatible with GoPro™ Hero3, Hero3+ and Hero4 series cameras.
- Holder features qty. 4 – solid brass 3/8" threaded mounting points.
- Compatible with 3/8” monopods, tripods and other standard mounting solutions.
- Holder features qty. 42 – Fishing line mounts – to facilitate suspended, invisible mounting.
- Output resolutions up to 12,000 x 6,000 pixels. - Compatible with drones and UAVs.
- High-strength aircraft-grade flexible nylon offers flexibility and durability.
*Kit does not include GoPro™ cameras or GoPro™ accessories.

Uses/ Highlights
- High resolution model for VR HMD, dome theater and planetarium dome content creation.
- Simple tripod and monopole mounting.
- High resolution and ease of use make the Pro10HD a versatile and powerful solution.

- Weight with cameras: 35.6 ounces, 1,012 grams.
- Weight without cameras: 9.3 ounces, 265 grams.
- Material: High-strength aircraft-grade flexible nylon.
- Suggested subject-to-holder buffer while filming: 3-4 feet (to avoid parallax and stitching issues).
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