F360 Explorer

F360 Explorer

The 360×180 spherical camera mount for wet environments and rough conditions.

Please note, an updated version of the Explorer mount for Hero4 is coming soon!  A four week lead time is required on Explorer mounts for Hero 3+.

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F360 Explorer
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The F360 Explorer mount is a frame based mount for six GoPro Hero4/Hero3+ waterproof housings. The Explorer has an inner structure to mount the individual, acrylic cases. Each housing sits in its own cradle and has a unique snap-in clip to hold it securely in place. The outer frame is very sturdy and protects the waterproof housings against external bumps. The interconnected design of the Explorer eliminates any individual camera movement and keeps each camera repeatable in the same place, which is important for any template to work. It has stainless steel reinforced standard 3/8 female connectors on each corner as well as in the center of two cradles (think: build-in 5X adapters) to provide plenty of rigging options.

Learn more about the software options.

For GoPro Hero4 and Hero3+waterproof housings. Use the 6 GoPro Hero4/Hero3+ waterproof housings that came with your cameras.

 Items included:

  • Frame mount with individual cradles
  • Set of 6 22mm M5 hex cap screws plus one spare
  • 4mm Allen hex wrench
  • Protective wrap
  • Microfiber lens cleaner, black


  • Unique snap-in, works with or without tightening the hex cap screw
  • 10 stainless steel reinforced 3/8 inch female mounting points (standard tripod connector)
  • Double structure design for extra stiffness
  • Approximate size of the outer frame: 11cm x 11cm x 11cm
  • Weight without acrylic cases and cameras: 270g
  • Weight with all cameras: 1270gr

This is not a diving camera mount.
The F360 Explorer works only for shoots above water. It is waterproof and will handle dunking easily, but any footage underwater is not stitchable.

GoPro Hero4/Hero3+ Housing Models: Each model of GoPro camera comes with a different waterproof housing. While the housings for the Hero3+ and Hero4 look very much alike, they differ enough that we decided to introduce a new Explorer model. For the best result and to have stitchable footage the cameras and the housings need to sit tight and don’t move. Please make sure you are selecting the correct model above or your housings will not fit.

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